Cultivating the finest facial furniture is a complex task. The discerning beard wearer deserves a tipple of hoppy intensity to complement their efforts. Cut through the fuzz with hits of a fruity citrus zing. An ipa for serious beardo’s.
Because beards are an international concern

Robinsons – Beardo Review

This IPA pours a clear deep gold with a thin white head. The aroma has a malty, hoppy, floral distinction. Serving up caramel and orange peel. The taste has a dryness with a medium body and a balanced bitterness of citrus and hops. There is a well balanced level of CO2 giving a hoppy taste, floral notes, citrus, fresh cut grass and caramel. This pulls more to British hops than an American flavored hop. A good all rounder, that offers a balance of aroma and flavor to quench the thirst and satisfy the palette. 

Robinsons - Beardo
  • Appearance: Bright, Clear, Gold
  • Smell: Malty, Clean, Citrus
  • Taste: Citrus, Grapefruit, zesty
  • Feel: Full Bodied, complex mix of taste


Overall: Cut through the fuzz with hits of a fruity citrus zing.

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