Beer Review: Thornbridge – Jaipur


Swift Nick is a traditional English session bitter, with a fruit and hop aroma. There are balanced flavours of malt and hops leading to a dry bitter finish.

Thornbridge – Jaipur


The beer pours with a light brown and amber in appearance. It is clear and light with over tones of copper and orange. It produces a thin off-white head that materialises slowly into a nice fluffy covering. There is a fruity malty aroma which willingly reaches your senses. It’s a moderate smell that tantalises the desire to try the beer.  There are under currents of honey moving through to a fruit jam. It also offers a biscuity nose and delicate malts. There is a balance of citrus and hops that are detected but not over powering.

The initial tate is slightly bitter, spiced with fruity citrus and raisins. A light blend of honey, nuts and oatmeal permeate through. The malty toast and hints of hops are a gentle reminder that this beer has been carefully crafted. There are initial flavours of raisins, some orange, plums, honey and a light bitter-sweet finish to give a smooth blended appeal. It has a creamy texture that finishes with a clean citrusy tang. The body is a medium dry, biscuity malt that migrates into a grapefruit flavour that leads to a cloying, malty yeasty finish. There is little to no carbonation making it very easy to drink and not filling you with lots of CO2. A very pleasant bitter that can be drunk at any time of year.

Peak Ales - Swift Nick
  • Appearance: Amber, Copper, Clear
  • Smell: Malty, Biscuit, Oranges
  • Taste: Raisins, Plums, Honey
  • Feel: Malty, Yeasty, Medium Bodied


Overall: This bitter is a very comfortable drink that offer a hoppy blend of citrus hops and malt.

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