Chatsworth Gold is a golden beer made with honey from the Chatsworth Estate. The delicate sweetness is well balanced with bitterness from Goldings and Fuggles hops.

Peak Ales – Chatsworth Gold Review

The beer pours as you would expect with a golden hazy glow and produces a thin white consistent head across the beer. It produces an immediate aroma of bready toffee and malty honey. It is a balanced smell and not over powering. There are slight undertones of grass and very slight earthy notes.

The taste initially generates a taste of sweet grain and fruit and honey. The body is silky with whispers of orange and a slightly sharp twist that pricks the attention to detail. The feel is creamy and refined as the citrus notes come through. It is light bodied and very easily slips down, there is little effort to return for a second try. The taste provides a mix of sweet sour and biscuit in a very carefully balanced way. It’s a clean refreshing taste that would work well on its own or with a meal. The aftertaste gives a malty bitterness and citrus hints that collide to offer a pleasant balanced finish. The body is a medium texture, with low carbonation offering a soft and very pleasant pint.

Peak Ales - Chatsworth Gold
  • Appearance: Golden, Amber, Clear
  • Smell: Hints of Honey, Malt, Toffee
  • Taste: Caramel, Floral Hops, Honey
  • Feel: Mellow, Slight Bitterness, Sweet


Overall: A smooth golden ale that offers a delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness that combines beautifully.

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