Bakewell Best Bitter is a robust amber coloured ale. It is dry and firmly bitter, with some roasted malt flavours and plenty of grassy hops.

Peak Ales – Bakewell Best Bitter Review

The beer pours from the bottle with a copper amber appearance with an orange twist. It flows well down the glass and darkens the fuller the glass gets. There are grassy over tones, but they are subtle and not over powering. There was very little head from the pour that we had. However, this is not an issue as the taste makes up for any lack of foamy head. The smell is nutty and biscuit with hints of malts. The beers appearance is a rich deep amber colour and is clear throughout the pint.

The initial taste is a blend of slight bitterness, fresh cut grass, cookies and an earthen over tone. There is a very soft carbonation, nothing to over power, but enough to lift the body and coated the mouth with a silky feel. There is a gentle bitterness that makes itself known with out over powering the other flavours. The roasted malt becomes apparent in the aftertaste. There is a light feeling of stewed fruit that can be picked up the further down the glass you go, which gives the beer an added complexity. None of the flavours are over powering which makes it a delightful drink at any time of year. We drank it at room temperature, however you could chill it if you preferred, however we found this tended to stifle the subtle complexity of the flavours from our point of view. The beer is a very pleasant drink it has a moderate intensity in the aroma with a medium body and a soft carbonation level. A very nice quaffable beer.

Peak Ales - Bakewell Best Bitter
  • Appearance: Amber, Copper, Clear
  • Smell: Malty, Biscuit, Cut Grass
  • Taste: Malty, Cust Grass, Light Citrus
  • Feel: Mellow, Smooth, Medium Bodied


Overall: A well balanced bitter that offers soft blends of malt and citrus that leaves you wanting to go back for more.

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