Ultra Pale Ale balancing rich British floor malt with citrusy Northern Hemisphere hops.

Moor – Nor’Hop Review

The can is a gun shot metal flat grey with hoppy twirling designs that offer a nice back drop to the shield and logo of Moor Beer company. They have chosen to can their beer over using a bottle. The pour from the can is hazy pale amber colour with a good thick creamy white head that holds well through out drinking. The aroma has a sweetness that offers an edge of citrus, pine, tropical flavors. The taste has strong American hoppy citrus, mango, pine, tangerine and malt.

Moor - Nor'Hop
  • Smell: citrus, mango, fruity
  • Taste: light, hoppy, mango
  • Feel: cheeky, tangy, light and airy


Overall: A golden bitter that pleasantly surprises citrus tones.

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