March of the Penguins is a dark stout with aromatic elements of coffee, dark chocolate and licorice. It is a great stout from Williams Bros. Brewed with oats and wheat in addition to dark roasted malts, March of the Penguins is smooth and creamy.

March of the Penguins Review

The bottle has a distinctive label that promises a smooth creamy stout that doesn’t fail to deliver. Upon opening the cap, the rich aromatic smell of a dark malty aroma immediately wafts gently towards you to give a clear indication the beer is full bodied. Upon pouring the beer into a glass it is evident that the beer is dark and malty, not too lively but enough zing to produce a rich creamy head. The initial taste is the dark chocolatey malt that only stouts can produce. The after taste of coffee and very slight bitterness gives this beer a robust nutty body. This beer is brewed with oats and wheat alongside dark roasted malts, giving its distinctive taste. The overall consistency is smooth and full bodied.

March of the Penguins
  • Appearance: dark, rich, creamy
  • Smell: malty, chocolatey, coffee
  • Taste: dark chocolate malt with hints of fruit
  • Feel: smooth, robust, not overpowering


Overall: a good all round stout that delvers on its promise

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