Brooklyn American Ale has more crystal malt than Summer Ale and is more heavily dry-hopped. The dry-hopping in Summer Ale is all Amarillo, while Brooklyn American Ale has a blend of Amarillo and Cascade.

Brooklyn – American Ale Review

The beer pours with golden amber colour with with some gusto,  there is a fluffy white head which dissipates quickly like clouds on a sunny day. The look is clear with no residue, there are large carbonation bubbles which cling to the side of the glass, giving it a sense of life and ready to tickle your taste buds. The taste delivers a fresh cut grassy kick, with grapefruit notes that are followed by bready malt. The sensation of a biscuity malt flavour begins to roll into a fresh hoppy tang. The taste is not overly bitter, which finishes with citrusy notes.

Brooklyn - American Ale
  • Appearance: Golden, Thin White Head, Carbonated
  • Smell: Hoppy, Citrusy
  • Taste: Fresh Cut Grass, Hoppy
  • Feel: Fizzy, Lively, Light


Overall: Medium bodied, resinous texture. Medium carbonation with a medium malty finish.

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