Named after the ‘spirit’ bear of British Columbia which has an unusual pale-yellow coat, spirit is a 4.2% session ale. It is made with 95% Maris otter pale ale malted barley (the classic English variety) with a touch of Munich and cara speciality malts for added complexity and colour.

The pale ale is hopped with our characteristic emphasis on flavour and aroma so a small bittering addition of target at the start of the boil is contrasted with large late additions of citrusy and piney chinook and summit hops from the USA. This gives a great us style hop profile that is beautifully aromatic but subtle in flavour. The beer is then fermented with our house us-05 yeast strain that is neutral in flavour and allows the malt and hops a platform to really shine. It has a quenching, lengthy dryness on the back of the palate and the taste is driven more by the malts than the hops of an IPA.

Big Hug Brewing – Spirit Pale Ale Review

The beer pours from the can with a hazy deep amber with a medium slow forming off white head. There are distinctive light aromas of citrus, slight grapefruit, tropical fruits, with a touch of pine forest. There are some biscuity malts and subtle pleasant herbal hops. The initial taste has a twinge of citrus, pines and some grapefruit, there is slight pineapple, and a hint of caramelised herbs and hops. The  body has moderate carbonation which aids  dry and zesty, citrus tatse and herbal hop bitterness in the finish. A flavourful pale ale for its strength.

Big Hug Brewing - Spirit Pale Ale
  • Appearance: Deep Golden, Off White Head
  • Smell: Hoppy, Citrus, Tropical Fruits
  • Taste: Sweet, Bitter, Hoppy
  • Feel: Rounded, Sweet, Dry


Overall: A rounded IPA that offers a clean well defined taste that has citrus, tropical fruit and hops all clambering for your attention.

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