A golden hoppy ale with a balance of flavours & aromas of tropical fruits & sweet citrus with a slight herbal finish.

Arbor – Megs Bomb Review

The label is bold and simplistic so as not to over clutter your mind with thoughts prior to tasting. The beer is described as Heavily hopped golden bitter, brewed with a mixture of hops. As you prize the cap off, you are immediately greeted with citrus smells and mango and tangerine which fills the senses with a real desire to taste the beer. It smells light, fruity and inviting.

The hops are present but not over powering. The initial pour is light and airy, which builds the body as the volume increases. As the glass fills the clear amber ale glints in the light and the real peach smell steps forward. There is a fresh and fruity ambience that draws you into the glass. The beer itself is light and has an understated lively texture that’s dissipates quickly on your tongue.

It creates images of spring and freshly cut grass. The hops culminate together to produce a very herbal balance. This beer is very moreish but the size of the bottle will ensure that there is more than sufficient to fulfil the desire to return for more.

Meg's Bomb
  • Appearance: golden, small white head
  • Smell: citrus, mango, fruity
  • Taste: light, hoppy, mango
  • Feel: cheeky, tangy, light and airy


Overall: A golden bitter that pleasantly surprises citrus tones

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