Occasions for a Beer: After Work

After work beers

When five o’clock strikes and you’ve taken the quickest escape route out of the office and into the comfort of your own surroundings, that’s pretty much worthy of celebration. So, take the edge off your day kick back and relax with a chilled CraftiBeer – hoist a toast to yourself, sip and slowly savor the flavours of a newly discovered taste. A chilled beer from the fridge after battling through a long hard-fought day gives you a satisfying feeling of achievement.

After Work Drink

The acceptance of a drink after work has always been welcomed to allow the pressures of the day to melt away. Conversely having a drink after work at home has sometimes been viewed with a stigma that was less accepted. Times have changed and with more people choosing to stop in and drink, the acceptance of a beer at home is much more socially acceptable. The after-work drink has become a social scene to rival the dash for the pub. With an eclectic mix of craft ales reveling in the fridge, waiting to escape that chilled environment, each one waiting to be explored.

The kudos that can be earnt from sharing the discovery of new beers with friends is a great opportunity for a people to join you and indulge in your craft beer discovery.

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