Easter Beer Hunt

Easter craft beers

Why should the children have all the fun when it comes to Easter? We have all seen the children running around frantically looking for the chocolate and gifts that the Easter bunny has left behind. But this year why not spice up this tradition for the adults. The same level of sun can be had with a crate of craft ale. All you need is an open space, some cryptic clues and hey presto you have yourself an Easter Beer Hunt.

Rules for an Easter Beer Hunt

Rule Number 1: Have fun!

Rule Number 2: Make sure that there is enough beer to go round for everyone. There is nothing worse than being left out because you don’t have enough beer. But most importantly have Fun!

Rule Number 3: Make sure you hide some bottle openers to go with the beer. All well and good having lots of chilled beer hidden, waiting to be discovered and then finding you cant open them. But essentially have fun!

Rule Number 4: These beers could be a hair of the dog exercise depending on the night before. Make sure you have plenty of spare beers to hand to ensure the whole exercise goes smoothly, oh and have fun.

Rule Number 5: If all else fails and the weather has turned against you, people have given up looking and the mood is flagging keep some beers back in the fridge to lift everyone’s spirits and most definitely have…..FUN.

Any photos of your Easter Beer hunts will be gratefully accepted and placed on the website.

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