Subtitle: The world’s most prestigious beer competition in London based on Quality. Value. Packaging


The London Beer Competition is the number one event of its kind that helps to promote beer brands, target clients and create a solid base for successful sales.
It is aimed at breweries keen to put their beers on to shelves and make them fly off those very shelves in the most pros poring way –  by winning over clients through key factors that determine the success of a brand: taste, appearance and value for money.
The LBC gives producers and brand owners the unique chance to bring their products closer to buyers, distributors and retailers, as well as market influencers.
By showcasing extraordinary talents and rewarding them, this competition guarantees maximum exposure in the market as well as cross industry recognition and professional support.
A competition that will judge spirits in three key areas:
Value for money

Key Dates:

Super Early Bird Ends: 20 June 2019
Warehouse Closes For Samples: 06 March 2020
Judging: March 24 & 25, 2020
Winners Announced: 30 April 2020


£ 75 – Super Early Bird Pricing, Ends 20 June 2019

£ 95 – From 21 June 2019 To 30 September 2019

£ 125 – From 01 October 2019 Onwards