Amwell Springs Brewery

Established in the summer of 2017, Amwell Springs Brewery originated out of an affection for really good beer and a devotion to perfection. Passionate about utilising our most treasured spring water, our mission is to serve up great craft beer packed full of flavour, for everyone to appreciate.


Filtered by the rolling chalk hills of the Berkshire and Oxfordshire downs, the pristine, crystal clear waters of Amwell Springs provide us with the perfect foundation for all our beer. Combined with only the very best malted barley and carefully selected hops, the outcome can only be amazing beer for any occasion.

We pride ourselves on sustainability; our water isn’t treated with any worrying chemicals and has had no distance to travel as the spring head is so close to the brew house.All of our used malt is feed for local livestock, we harvest our own yeast and even the hops are composted once we are finished with them!


The brewery and tap room are housed in a beautiful 18th Century timber framed “Carthovel” barn, where the family has farmed the land for over 6 decades. Wheat and barley played an integral part of the farm business, and this knowledge and heritage has helped the natural evolution into the world of brewing.

Surrounded by stunning Oxfordshire countryside, sat next to the flowing springs of Amwell is the most idyllic place to enjoy the perfect pint.


All our beer has been lovingly designed to give you a selection for any occasion. From a punchy IPA, to a mellow Amber Ale, there is a choice for everyone.

The names and flavours of our beers are based on colourful characters from in and around the local area, with a story behind each one of them.


Amwell Springs Cholsey


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