About CraftiBeer

Crafti Beer was born in 2016. We offer a premium craft ale subscription service; sourcing Craft ales from the top UK and International Craft Brewers.

Enterprising Worcestershire Awards Winner 2019

Craft Beer has crossed 3 centuries in our founders family history . His 4th generation Grandfather started a canal boat business in the late 19th century in the heart of the black country. The business grew rapidly through a successful and thriving transport network of the Birmingham canals. He transported goods up and down the country by horse drawn canal boats with his life spent living on the waterways.

The social scene of the time was spent in pubs on the canal’s tow path drinking the local craft ales of their time.  There wasn’t a pub that they would pass where they wouldn’t call in and have a beer and pass the time of day with friends and family.

As the boats were pulled by horse, the journey times were much longer as the horses needed resting. This gave them more time to enjoy the local beers. His regularity of sampling different beers along the canal earnt him the nick name of ‘nippin’, as he was known for announcing he was just ‘nipping’ in for a taste of the local brew.

The phrase having a crafty beer is synonymous with enjoying a drink of your favorite ale. This is as true today as it was back then. So why Crafti beer with an ‘i’ instead of a ‘y’? The canal workers are reported to have said ” I can always be found in the middle of a beer when I’m not working.”

We have commemorated this by placing an ‘I’ in the centre of our Craft Beer, giving birth to Craft i Beer.

Crafti Beer has picked up the reigns left by our forefathers at discovering the best craft ales from local and international brewers. Transport by canal may have been replaced by road, but we still import our international craft beers by sea keeping the traditions alive today.